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Frequently Asked Questions about Small Text

Small text has gained influence in recent years because of the advancements in generating these texts and as there are more people using this small text generator, more question arises. In this article, we will answer about some of the frequently asked question that will clear the scene for you. Even if you have no questions in mind, read on because these may help you get the answers of questions that you may have in future.

What is small text?

Small text which is also known as tiny or fancy text is a combination of Unicode characters and symbols that is similar to a small font text. Every alphabet has its symbol allowing visibility to the viewers otherwise we will only be reading numbers on our mobile phones as the computer system is programmed in numbers language. That’s why the Unicode international system was introduced to avoid the problem.

How we transfer normal text into small text?

Here are the steps that will guide you to convert small text:

  1. Open an online small text generator.
  2. Then add your copy text in the box where it is written that “paste or write your text here”
  3. After pasting the text, you will choose the style of the small text.
  4. After that, the normal text will automatically convert into small text.
  5. The results will show in the output box.
  6. You can simply copy this text wherever you want.

How small text helps us with our online discoverability?

Small text is very trendy and unique to represent your online texts which attract the audience as they love to see something new and different, which ultimately will increase your online discoverability.

How many styles are available for small text?

The basic small text styles include:

  • Bold: in this style, the text is amplified with the black illumination
  • Bubble: in this style, the small text is written inside of a bubble shape individually
  • Subscript: in this style, the text is a little lower than the normal line
  • Superscript: in this style, the text is a little higher than the baseline
  • Upside down: in this style, the text is changed into an upside-down pattern, now you will see every letter in upside down direction
  • Small caps; in this style, the text is uppercased with every letter in capital alphabetic.

Is the online small text converter trustable or not?

Online websites are the most trusting and convenient way of generating a small text rather than any other way. The small text converter formulates the text in just a few seconds with just one click without any hustle or hard work. They provide the best results with full reliability.

Is the small text converter free or not?

Online small text converter is completely free and it also does not require any authorization for usage like you do not have to sign-up, register or become a member to use out tool. All you need is to visit our site and convert your text. Also, you do not have to pay anything for the conversion of normal text into small text. More overly, after the conversion, you can simply copy the text without the chaos of downloading.

Why small text is important?

Small text is very important to make online communication more versatile and distinct, otherwise if we see the same text style on our book prints and mobiles, we will feel bored and bizarre which ultimately drives us off from the online world. So, using small text for online websites and apps is very crucial for the progress and growth virtually.

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