Small Text Generator

Small text generator is an online generator which converts normal text into small text fonts. This online small text font generator is simple, free and easy to use. Just copy/paste or add text and results will show up in no time.

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Sub Script:

Small Text:

How to Generate Small Text? Simple Steps

Typing Option

Simply type or add your normal letters and this online small text generator converts your text into small alphabets.

Copy/paste Option

Just copy your text and paste it in tool box & this small caps text generator will generate small text free.


This online text generator will show results automatically and you can easily copy the text and paste it wherever you want.

Small Text

Small text is one of the modernized ways of virtual writing tool. Although, it is an old method it is more common and in use now. Online communication is a crucial part of today’s society. It is more in use rather than non-virtual communication. We mostly perform our daily routine tasks on the mobile phone or laptop which involves text and virtual writing. They are the computerized characters that we use to convey a certain set of information. You can create sentences, phrases, paragraphs, etc. with the aid of a text. It is very important to create such a text which is compact and also well-structured. Before understanding the small text, you have to know about Unicode:


Unicode is a universal textual encoding standard, which assigns a code to a symbol or character in every language found worldwide. It is an international encoding system that supports every language, introduced in the 1980s. The computer software only understands and processes numbers not alphabets like a, b. c. So, the need to tell the computer which numbers represent which letter, the Unicode was required. Otherwise, we will only read zeros and ones on our mobile or PC screens.

The relation between Unicode and Small text is very simple. The developers include various symbols and characters in the Unicode sets so that people can adopt this system easily. Small text is one of these sets of rules that are formulated to meet the needs of people to use the Unicode language in the way they want. There are more than 130,000 Unicode small text characters that you can use for your simple text.

People think they are a set of emoji or fonts, but the text is generated in a Unicode standard. That’s why you can copy and paste them wherever you want.

Tiny Text Generator

Tiny text is another type of virtual text that is used widely these days for obvious and not so obvious reasons. As the demand is increased, the supply is increased too. You may see a lot of tiny text generators that proclaim to convert your normal text into a text smaller in size.

One question and a myth commonly found in people is that they think the text that is converted is a small font and nothing else but this isn’t true, a Unicode is used where the font remains the same but there are different sets of characters are used.

Here is an example of normal text converted into tiny text:

  • Small Caps: ABCDEFGHIJKL
  • Superscript: ᴬᴮᶜᴰᴱᶠᴳᴴᴵᴶᴷᴸ
  • Subscript: ₐBCDₑFGₕᵢⱼₖₗ

Here you can see the clear difference between the normal text and the generated text. If you want, you can simply copy and paste the text anywhere you want like on social media, websites or as a message to someone.

The best part is that these tools are very simple in use. All you need is to type or copy paste your text that you want to convert and paste it in the provided column and with one click, you will get your results in seconds and use it anywhere as per your preference.

Small Alphabets

Small text which is also known as tiny text or fancy text, is a combination of Unicode standard characters that look like small-sized fonts. They give a tempting appearance to your baseline normal texts, which is very appealing to the audience. It makes you stand out from the crowd and attracts the online audience towards your content.

The normal-sized text gets converted into small text with a different font style. They are not actual fonts, rather than font relatable styles.

Types of Small Alphabets

The basics of generating a small text are standard and universal. However, there is some scope for you to customize the small text in various styles. These modifications will help even more in appealing to the online community towards your content. The 7 most used small text types are:


These are uppercase letters and all the words are capitalized in it. They emphasize the text which highlights it even more



Subscripts are the small text that is slightly below the normal line.



Superscript is the small text that is above the baseline


Upside down

In this format, your text will be upside down which is very trendy to use.


In the bold small text, the words are darkened and illuminated. It is used to highlight the important text so that it is not neglected by the audience.


The bubble small text is more of a graphic type. Each alphabet in the small text is presented inside a bubble shape. It is a very unique way of presenting the small text


This type of small text means that your text will be a spell in the backward direction.

In the online world, you can post small text wherever you like. The most common platforms for these texts are social media sites, the ones that support the Unicode alphabets format. This small text makes your online presence more prominent and enhanced. It attracts the audience very much as they are intrigued and also interested in your content when they see such unique and modified text styles. This fancy text helps you to portray yourself creatively and artistically.

Following are the social media platforms on which you can use a small text:

  • Websites
  • Blogs posts
  • Tumbler
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Direct messages
  • Emails

On this website, you can easily generate small text. They modify your content a lot by giving them a unique outlook.

People think that small texts are overlooked, they have no actual purpose or advantage. But it is not true, the small text plays a significant role that helps you to grow in the virtual world. The advantages of small text are:

Having an audience on a social platform is the most important thing for the success and growth of your content. If you are not able to attract the audience towards your content, then it will be not good for your virtual performance. Small text is one of the tools that you can utilize to attract traffic to your profile or website.

The audience always visits a website or profile which is there is something new and appealing. The fancy text drives them to further explore your social site. Texts are the first thing that a visitor notice after the picture in your profile, so it is necessary to make it unique and appealing which you can easily do by using a small text tool.

SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is a technique that we used to attract traffic to our website. This includes some specific keywords that make your website rank higher on the World Wide Web. Likewise, small text is a unique way to optimize your content. Google ranks that website a little higher than those websites that are without small text. Google finds it distinct and also it resembles the computerized language more. 

Online discoverability means to what degree a profile or website is being searched on the social media site or Google. It is more commonly used on social apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If your profile is designing around an SEO style. You can use small text wisely to make it more SEO-friendly. Like usage of primary and secondary keywords as small text, choose the more universal font style, etc.

Small Unicode texts are a method to modify your normal baseline text. It adds a spin on the standard online communication and diversifies the texts even more. It gives people a new and unique way to exhibit the text on their website or profile.

Online Small Text Generator

In previous times, generating a small text was a hustle on its own. You have to hire an IT expert to do this task because the online world was not developed much at that time and these kinds of tasks were not a common thing for people. However, in modern times the concept of a small text generator is completely different from old times and is much needed now. People are using it on daily basis for the purposes like; SEO optimization, online discoverability, enhanced social presence, etc.

So, when there is such a need, the IT experts also have to develop such software or website that can make this task much easier and simpler for the peoples. And as usual, they have done their work remarkably by creating such websites that can generate a small text in a few seconds without any kind of hard work. These generators translate the baseline text into a Unicode format which is more preferable to the computer language.

There are many small text generator websites available on Google that have pretty much the same format however, they differ slightly in their styles and outputs.

To generate small text, you can use our best small text generator online.

How this Tool Works? Complete Guide

This tool has a very simple format of converting the baseline text into a small text. It creates a Unicode version that is of professional standard and there is no need to consult an IT expert regarding this task. The steps to perform this task are very simple and compact which are as follow:

  • First of all, open our small text generator website.
  • Then add the baseline text in the box where it says “Type or paste text here”
  • Simply add the text that you want to generate.
  • Afterwards, select the font style which is most suitable for your text.
  • The output text will automatically display and you can easily copy the text and paste it wherever you want.

This small text generator website also provides various options like bold, bubble, backward, etc. that will further make your text more optimized and well-designed

Why We Should Use a Small Text Generator?

The small text generator websites are very beneficial and efficient to use. We should use them because;

  • No cost:

These small text generators are completely free. You do not have to spend any money on buying the converter, you just simply have to access it online. You can use it many times without getting charged at all.

  • Multiple output styles:

There are multi-output options available for the text you upload on the website. The outputs that they include are subscript, superscript, small caps. Bold, bubble, upside down, and backward. It provides versatility for your text.

  • Convenient way:

Using a small text generator is a very simple and convenient way. You just have to upload the text and the website will execute the result in few seconds. Also, you do not have to be registered or verified to use these generators.

  • Quick conversion:

These text generators are designing with such algorithms that process instantly. You do not have to wait even for a second while using one of these sites. It is so quick and easy.

  • No download needed:

You do not have to download the text; it is a copy and paste-based text style, they are not actual fonts. Furthermore, you do not have to download any extension or application to make it work. It just needs internet access and then you can utilize it.

Small text is a unique Unicode standard way, which is used to make the website or profile templates creative and attractive. The audience usually gets tired of seeing the same text style so using a small text-oriented style for your profile or website is a very intelligent way. It only increases the traffic of your site but also makes it SEO optimized.

It is not only a great way for your online discoverability, but it is also a very artistic way of presenting your text style. The conversion of a simple text into a small text is also very easy. You just have to use a text generator online and your text will be changed in whatever format you want. Small text is comprehended and enhanced way of text writing.